This weekend there will be an IndieWeb discussion session about Webmention. has support for both sending and receiving Webmentions, with some twists, so I thought I’d make a quick video to demo how it works with external blogs. This is a big part of making sure is a good participant in the larger web.

I glossed over a few details in the video. One thing I should have mentioned is that WordPress doesn’t have this functionality by default. It requires installing the IndieWeb suite of plugins for Micropub and Webmention.

Looking in our fridge this morning, wonder if we’re secretly running a coffee shop out of our house. We might have enough milk.

This is a cool idea from @becky to collect multiple WWDC wishlists together in one place. Can’t believe WWDC is nearly here!

If you replied to me about the new bookshelves experiment, you should have access. I also added an option when renaming a bookshelf to assign it to a blog page. Then when you add a book, it automatically adds that book to the page. This is how I’m maintaining my Reading page.

Still no idea who will take the last 2 spots in the NBA playoffs. I’ve heard criticism of the play-in tournament that it’s like the single-elimination NCAA, but that’s not quite right. Lakers (for example) would have to lose 2 games in a row to miss it. Seems fair. Go Spurs. 🏀

Thanks for the feedback on my bookshelves experiment post. Rather than send individual replies, I just enabled the feature for anyone who replied to my post (and I’ll continue to add other folks later). Enjoy! I think it’ll be fun to tinker with this and see where it goes.

I’ve been experimenting with another new feature for books in Bookshelves are like a little slice of Goodreads, but without some of the social features and complexity. Bookshelves in are focused on keeping track of books you are reading to make it easier to blog about them.

Here’s a screencast video of how it currently works:

Next steps might include showing a “Currently reading” page on your blog, and pulling any existing “Finished reading” blog posts into a bookshelf to get started. I think there’s a lot of potential, but I also don’t want to clutter for people who don’t need this. Looking forward to your feedback before we ship it.

In high school I researched the death penalty for an essay. Back then I wouldn’t have believed that 25 years later it would still be legal. This story about Quintin Jones brings it all back. In a world where we seem to rarely give 2nd chances, I wish we could fix this one thing.

Walking on the trail this weekend I was surprised that the tracks for the old Zilker Zephyr have already been ripped up. At least this old sign is still there.

Manton Reece

Creator of Co-host of the Core Intuition podcast.

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